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itty biddy “uggs”

What baby doesn’t need a cute pair of knitted booties to keep their feet warm in the cooler fall & winter months?

Last summer when I was expecting our second baby, I decided to finally venture into the world of pattern reading and away from knitting only baby blankets & scarfs.  Little did I know how far away I would venture! But at the time it was a scary & intimidating step. I was inspired by a  friend from high school who posted a picture on Facebook of a pair of “uggs” she had knit. Immediately I knew that I HAD to knit them for our upcoming arrival. Excited, I found the pattern and went to my local yarn store to buy the special “suede” yarn. However, finding the yarn was a problem.  It had recently been discontinued. Nevertheless, I decided that my baby was going to get a pair of those boots, so I went into my yarn stash and found a brilliant pink wool that would work as a substitute. Along with my wool, my pattern, and a little encouragement from my mom, my grandmother & my great-aunt, a little “ugg” bootie was born. I finished that bootie and stared at it in marvel. I couldn’t believe that I had done it. I had followed a pattern and created something so small and so perfect and so precious for our baby girl. I stared at that “ugg” for days before I cast on the second one. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to knit another one as perfect. It had to be an accident that the first had actually formed itself into a bootie! 

Those “uggs” became my favorite accessory for my baby girl and kept her little feet warm and cozy all fall and winter.

Not long after I finished them, I went to a sale held by my local yarn store. And at that sale, I found a treasure. In the very back corner of the auditorium there was a box. And in that box was the very “suede” yarn that I had been looking for! I purchased as much as my wallet would allow and vowed to make as many “uggs” as I could.

When I started itty biddy’s, I was only making & selling hair clips. Knitting at the time was reserved purely for my girls, myself & for gifts. However, earlier this summer I decided that I wanted to expand my little business into the world of knits. And the baby “uggs” were one of the items that I wanted to include in my line of products. I am so glad that I made that decision, because my first order came from an old friend and roommate from university who I hadn’t seen in years. Tonight I was able to catch up with a dear friend and provide some warmth for a baby’s feet & toes for the cold Ontario winter. How cute are these?

The colours I have available in the “suede” yarn are: light blue, pink, purple, dark brown & light brown. The light brown has been spoken for, but I am doing my best to get some more. Personally, I love the “uggs” in any wool and will be looking for a great substitute (in all colours) that I can use once my little stash of the faux suede disappears. I think they make a perfect & original gift for a baby shower, a new arrival or any baby – girl or boy.  

Thanks for visiting itty biddy’s! I will be using this blog to keep everyone up to date regarding new products & knits, as well as some everyday ramblings! Thanks for visiting and check back soon!