busy month

It has been a busy, busy month. I returned to work after 13 months off for maternity leave last week. Of course, I added as much vacation as was possible onto the end of my maternity leave – I had to savour each moment that I had at home full-time with my girls! It was hard to admit to myself that I was in fact going back and I didn’t fully believe it or acknowledge it until I actually got up (to an alarm!) last Tuesday morning and got ready for work. The fact that both my children were snuggled sound asleep in their beds did not escape me. But I survived my first day back, and my second, and then my first week and my second week. We are surviving and learning how to live with this new routine. I am lucky that I have had the chance to return to work on a part-time basis, working only 3 days a week for 21 hours. And I do like my job so it does feel good to be back for that reason as well.  But still those 3 mornings a week that the alarm goes off is very hard for a girl who loves to sleep (especially when my kids are sleeping until 8 some mornings!).

October was also a busy month because itty biddy’s was fortunate to be part of Little Bird Hamilton’s booth at the Hamilton Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo. And the pumpkin hats that I have knit this month!! I think I have lost count. But as October is winding to a close (and I have become accustomed to my new schedule as a part-time working mom),  it is time to introduce a few new products to the itty biddy’s line.

Handmade fabric flowers on alligator clips – these are made with beautiful fabrics from Riley Blake. Keep your eye out for more fabrics coming soon (perhaps a little Amy Butler – for those fabric lovers out there?!).

And raw silk rolled rosettes on stretch headbands. These fit all ages and I think they would be the perfect holiday accessory. They also make great photo props!

Along with the Baby Expo, itty biddy’s has joined with Little Bird Hamilton in their partnership with The Button Pushers. They have just opened a new store on the very trendy Locke Street in Hamilton. Check them out – a great vintage store with two locations, one on Ottawa Street in the Fabric District (just down the street from Little Bird) and the newest location on Locke Street. Their grand opening is this weekend! itty biddy’s accessories will be available at their new store courtesy of Little Bird. I am also working on some great vintage fabric accessories (for all ages!) that will be heading that way in the months to come.

Well – off to knit some itty biddy “uggs“!


Okay, it may not be a secret that I have a wee love for yarn and crafting. So when I saw this wreath the other day, I knew that I had to make one for myself. I loved the colours that she used so much that I used similar colours (ok the same) for my own wreath. The felt flowers were simple to make and I love the way that everything turned out. It makes a perfect fall accessory for my front door. The possibilities for a Christmas yarn wreath are endless….

a little something for me

It isn’t very often that I knit something for myself. However, when the opportunity (and time!) present itself, I am all over it! Here is a sneak peak. It is blocking right now and will be seamed up tomorrow, and then I will be off to a very special wedding on Sunday wearing it.

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the littlest hat

A few days ago I got a package in the mail. I love getting packages in the mail (my poor mail carrier!). Particularly when they contain yarn. When I saw this handspun and hand dyed thick and thin yarn on www.etsy.com I knew that I had to knit something little with it. The perfect accessory for a newborn baby in the fall. And today it was the perfect thing to keep me calm while my 3-year-old threw a temper tantrum and subsequently woke her sleeping baby sister up! Knitting is a great distraction for days like these! I will definitely be making more of these (keep an eye out for new colours!) and also modifying the pattern to fit baby heads of all sizes.
















from scraps to beautiful

I love when you can take someone else’s scraps and turn them into something unexpected & beautiful.

End result?  Trendy & classic hair accessories that would be perfect for any girl at any age.